Band of Skulls interview - British Summer Time Hyde Park


Band of Skulls - Rifflandia - 2014

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Band Of Skulls and Apes were electric at the Hi-Fi!

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Interview: Band Of Skulls — “We’re A Live Band And That’s Where It Starts”


Band of Skulls @ Hi-Fi Sydney [Pt. II]…

Glastonbury dos and don’ts:

Russell Marsden of Band of Skulls: I wouldn’t be uptight

The great thing about festivals is you can make your own fun, so the thing to definitely not do at Glastonbury is come away having not enjoyed yourself. We’ve been quite sensible on tour this year so Glastonbury is going to be my date with debauchery. I’ve done quite a few things at festivals I’ve regretted afterwards but usually only heard about them from people who were there, so I’m hoping that will happen again. I do remember our first time at Reading. It was quite rainy and they’d put wood chips down to make it look nicer, but they’d landed on liquid mud. I leapt from pretty high up into this mixture, and just walked into the media tent covered in it, the terrifying spectacle of a mud-and-wood man.”