Band of Skulls - Himalayan [Later… with Jools Holland - BBC Two]

We’ve gone through such lean times and such difficult times. They weren’t just weeks of difficulty, they were years of trouble. If you make it through that, then you obviously love what you do. There’s something to be said about that. It doesn’t guarantee you success, but nowadays I think people don’t want to do any work, they just want to have it delivered at a certain level, just to be there. But I don’t think it’s very sustainable, I think people that have success quickly also can lose it quite quickly too.
- Russell Marsden [Band of Skulls]



band of skulls @ sziget 2014 (by a-kuchma)

ok so this one’s my favorite, there’s a tiny rainbow in his hair :3

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Band of Skulls - “Asleep at the Wheel” - San Diego May 19, 2014

Band of Skulls opened their show at The House of Blues with “Asleep at the Wheel” off of their new LP, Himalayan.

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Band of Skulls | The Hi Fi Sydney 20/6/14